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Today, my Kaneki mask came in the mail! I'm still waiting for the wig though.
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How crazy I got mines YESTERDAY haha this is awesome :D plus I got he's white hair too lol a wig heheh x) One question how did you put it on? Was it complicated? Cause I'm confuse on how to put mine on lol @KilljoyExorcist
@moisesgaray Sorry I'm late, but to put it on, I strapped the velcro around my neck so the top of the zipper in the center of the neck is where the flat part under my chin and the vertical part of my neck meet, and I pulled it up and fastened the strap on about a 45 degree angle so it was high up on my head. Then, I took the eyepatch and hooked it to the string on the nose of the mask from the hook on the inner part of the eyepatch, and fastened that strap pretty close to where the mask's strap was. Then I just adjusted it to feel comfortable. Hope that helped.
I wore that Kaneki Ken mask and cosplay for New York ComicCon not too long ago 馃榿 Many pictures were taken.