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Yoongi slid his arm around my waist to get my attention

You were a little pissed, more than a little actually. You'd been at this house party for an hour and the entire time, Yoongi was flirting. Not with you of course, no he was flirting around with every girl there. He was trying to make you jealous. The relationship wasn't even official not that ever would be, it was only a little more than friends with benefits. Still he knew that you'd been entirely exclusive to him because you wanted more than this silly back and forth game. What he didn't know was, that you were done with it. You'd decided on the way to this party that you'd end it with him. No more late night phone calls, no more texts and certainly no more nights sneaking away from his dorm. You had had enough sneaking, enough games but still seeing him flirt with other girls pulled at your heart. The number rule that was set from the start had been broken, don't fall for the other. Realizing this, had you in a tug-o-war over what to do for some time. Even after confessing to him, getting rejected but asked to keep things how they were, had you questioning this decision. Currently you were standing in the kitchen, nursing a beer that left a stale taste in your mouth. Your best friend was laughing loudly, to loud for the lame ass joke the fuckboys were telling. She slapped at your arm, urging you to join in and be her wing girl. You watched Yoongi from the corner of you eye, he was talking up some girl. She wore so little it left nothing to the imagination and you scoffed, taking another swig of your drink. When Yoongi passed you an asmused look and kissed at her neck, you lost whatever reasoning to hold onto him.
Turning your back on him, you laughed along with your friend. Fully listening to the lame joke that the idiots were telling, laying a hand on one of their arms. Engaging in the conversation and taking shots when offered. Your friend pulled you away from the kitchen, following the boys into another room. The music thumped here, vibrating in your chest and causing you to grin. When one of the two boys grabbed you and pulled you into the crowd, you didn't protest. Enjoying the attention for just a moment, alcohol flowing in your veins making it seem like an incredible decision. You'd been dancing for a few minutes, your friend just a few people away. Every now and again, she'd get close and you'd laugh at her sloppy movements. The guy were dancing with let go of your waist, not paying much mind when it slid back into place. "Mind if I cut in?" His voice was smooth, not a trace of drunkenness obvious. "Yoongi, enough of this. Go back to your little buddies." You pushed at his fingers, trying to pry them away. He only tightened his grip in response and turned you around in his arms. "You're mine Y/N." He was pulling you forward, out of the crowd. Yoongi's steps were careful, never pulling you to fast even though he couldn't see where he was going. The crowd seemed to part around the two of you, until there was no one left and you were in another room all together. No one was here, the music not even reaching you, it was quite quiet. Pushing away from him, you stepped to the window. "Y/N, look at me." "Leave me alone Yoongi. I'm done with the games and...just everything. I'm done being some stupid little girl who follows you around like a lost puppy while you hit up every other girl and-" "Shh." You'd turned to push your point but Yoongi had closed the space, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his fave to youe neck. "You talk to much." His breath was hot against your neck. "What do you want Yoongi?" You huffed out, nearly giving up. "Your attention." He pressed his fingers into your sides. "Well you definitely got that. Anything else?" "You."
Keep writing this story is getting good. Your story is amazing !! Don't stop and tag me!
@Emealia I just wanted to let you know that 1) I loved the story and 2) you are a very talented writer!
I....I...I can't even right now......
you should continue it
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