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♥ My night featuring Wade & "old people" ♥
Lmao, let me tell you something Wade... Stella did get her groove back and My 30 ish friend found some condoms and lube on her 70 ish and 65 ish parents.. And what disturbed her most was the dead skin on the sheets. What disturbed me Wade, was the story. So old people Netflix and chill, porn hub and chill and you tube and chill lol. Btw didn't I expose your nice man butt in my last post? Lol
"We are not talking about that.... Stop sharing my SnapChat photos"
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2 years ago·Reply
@Lawlpool lol sorry friend XD
2 years ago·Reply
@MoisEsGaray @FreeWill666 :D I thought you'd both appreciate this
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 I love it
2 years ago·Reply
Deadpool is absolutely ridiculous and I love it! ♥
2 years ago·Reply