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In Cute News this week... a 8 year old boy decided to write a letter to his school during Anti-Bullying day at their school. Even after he was bullied by someone at their school, he decided to reach out. The letter has a simple message....
"You don't have to bully. If you don't have any friends just make a friend it's very simple. But you already have a friend, us," the letter read.
What an adorable kid! I’m sure he got some quality friends from that.
Now THAT is how you get people on your side. By creating friendships and having FUN. Also, I like to point out that the kids name was Nic (@ButterflyBlu, it’s me as a child ;)
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yeah exactly @quietone I’m always trying to get better and improve myself.
@nicolejb I think your a good person already but there's always room for improvement god knows I need some lol
@nicolejb that's a good point but it won't be easy like I said stuff like that doesn't happen as much and I find it crazy that when it does its huge news but I commend you for wanting to take out the bad and replace it with the good
@nicolejb its possible but taking out the exterior world even for decision making can lead to a blurred line between reality and fantasy per say we can train ourselves but something will always influence our decisions whether it's someones feelings or guilt or peer pressure
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