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Workout Song
Stone cold, when I look up to the sky, baby
I feel freedom, and it's all gold
Like a sun up in the sky
That's the feeling
So for most people that go to the gym, they listen to music while working out. I like to listen to this song when I am getting ready just to pump me up. M only problem with this is I have to make sure I don't dance instead of working out.
@alywoah @mchlyang @marshalledgar what are your workout/pre-workout/pre-game song(s)?
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I really love listening to edm/trap music that is mixed with hip hop -- especially for cardio. When I am weight lifting, I really like party rap music or rock :)
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this video does not available.
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Yeah...same here. I wanted to listen to it but it says it's not available for me as well!
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