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I think what constitutes as a good wink is: 1. Being Sly 2. Sexy cute And 3. Never closing the other eye while winking. You see that a lot, some can wink, some can't without letting the other eye momentarily shut. But all in all, its still adorable when they try.
I liked it when Kris won, he jumped up, hopped up on the table, posed, and gave a rendition of his wink. As seen above ^
If I seen someone wink at me like that, I'd be very suspicious. I'd make sure to go to the restroom with someone and have my pepper spray handy.
I think he's winking at three different girls...
Perfect form Lay, cute and sweet
Another perfect wink and that smile afterwards, Wow. Nicely done Xuimin!
Nice try Mr. Sparkly Eyes
Kai, Kai, Kai... *sigh* I expected you do soooo much better than Kris. I half expected you to their yourself across the table, do that sexy smile... You get the picture.
lol... The Camel Eye lol
Oh Come.... SeHun!... oh well, I still <3 ya!
Nice form but too zealous for me
Nice and slick, slick. Gotta hand it Tao.
@Tigerlily84 AHHHH *FLATLINES*
I really appreciate you. That is all
Kris wink gave me eternal life