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It's pretty obvious that Beyonce loves ponytails and so do we.

She rocked an elegant side ponytail at the Met Gala [see here] this year that was easily the talk of the town and happened to have the same hairstyle two nights ago during her Tidal X benefit performance in New York City. That's all the proof we need to realize that the ponytail is her go-to hairstyle and let's admit it, it suits her.
We all love a good ponytail. It's the one hairstyle that has never failed us. It happens to be simple, easy to create and stays on trend. You can never go wrong. Plus, if Beyonce's wearing it -- then of course you'll want to do the same and you can. This ponytail is sleek and doesn't give us messy 80's vibes because it's on the side, it's actually rather glam. To recreate Queen Bey's signature pony check out the video below.
You might not be able to move your body like Bey, but you can definitely rock a pony like Bey.
I never knew J.Lo was criticized for wearing her hair that way. I don't keep up with the media that often, but I do think that any woman can play off this hairstyle. people will always have something negative to say. let them talk & keep it moving @prgurl4u2envy
I don't get it JLO was critized for wearing the exact same hairstyle, it was said that it was too child and too 80's. Now Beyoncé rocks it and it's acceptable and the it style. Wow... is all I can say. smh