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I've just finished watching d-frag again and it was super funny what are some other anime's that are that funny
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Here's a few idk if you've seen them or not:Noragami (comedy/action) ,problem children are coming from another world aren't they? (Action),is this a zombie (comedy/action) rise of the yoki clan (action, hints of humor) devil is a part timer (comedy/action) black butler(action) Tokyo ghoul(action) blue exorcist (action hints of comedy) my little monster (comedy ,romance) hit man reborn (action) then of course there are some of the main ones like:soul eater (action hints of comedy) naruto,bleach, one piece,fairy tail ...that's all I can think of off the top of my head if you've seen most of these I can make another list 馃槅馃槃馃憤
Watomato was really funny. Devil is a Part Timer is epic ly hilarious. DBZ Abridged will have you rolling on the ground. School Rumble was pretty funny. kimi no todoke had alot of funny bits. Kawaii complex to love and manners. Gintama. Spacial A. These are definetly the funnier ones.. Kawaii complex is just beyond epicly funny ^.^ School Rumble is really good as well
I'll check it out, but I really want something that will make me laugh like good luck girl made me, that show was funny
@havic have you seen chuunibyou?
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