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All day I dream about sneakers [A.D.I.D.A.S.].

Adidas have been around for years. Some of the best of the best rappers made these shoes iconic and the rest has been history. They might of disappeared for a quick second, but they made a comeback and it doesn't look like they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. The amazing sneaker brand teamed up with a high school extracurricular fashion club to choose a handful of teen girls to bring their fall lookbook to life.
All ten girls chosen had the opportunity to style their own look accompanied by a pair of superstars [better known as classic Adidas sneakers]. The outfits consist of everything from skirts to of course, the track jacket. Like any retro sneaker, it's apparent that Adidas can literally go with anything. Need proof? Keep scrolling to see the amazing images from Adidas Fall Lookbook.

Are you loving Adidas fall lookbook?

Well, you should be.
I've been a loyal Nike fan forever...but I really like what Adidas is doing with different superstars and their collection is pretty appealing.
I agree! I've never owned a pair of adidas, but that is definitely about to change @mchlyang