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Well it's your opinion and you're welcome to it. 😁 I was only expressing that people should not be so hung up on bashing one character just because they're different. And love triangles? Isn't that a normal thing in both anime and manga? It's not like this is the first time we've seen love rivalry. lol
Well not everyone can be some remarkably awesome character. Everyone has faults. I feel she portrayed a more realistic balance.
@Danse of course! ^_^ and I agree with you. I just have some cardinal issues with sakura's character. and yeah love triangles certainly are a thing, but when a character only exists in terms of it, I think it's problematic
@Danse I would have to disagree. I think she had very little balance. most of her characterization for so long was a corner of a love triangle, expressing unrequited love for sasuke and receiving it from naruto. she really only existed in opposition to these ideas. she had no backstory, really. not until shippuden and the absence of the two dude of team 7 did she develop any real chracter
I don't even think Tsunade can heal her from that
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