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Um, Taylor, he's not your cat.

Hilariously, The Weeknd singer Abel Tesfaye revealed to Rolling Stone Magazine this week that the legendary Taylor Swift pet his hair at the Grammys after-party. She was definitely tipsy to considerably drunk and proceeded to pet him for what he claimed as 15 minutes. Though this is such a stereotypical white girl move, he awkwardly cut her some slack.
"But the whole time she was talking....She was kind of, like, petting my hair? I think she was just drawn to it — she must have been a little gone off a few drinks," he told Rolling Stone. "And of course I'm not going to be like, 'Hey, can you stop?' I mean, it felt good! But when she started petting my hair, that's when I was like, 'I definitely need a drink.'"
Though it was undoubtedly awkward, the Weeknd is currently dating Bella Hadid who is definitely connected to Taylor Swift's famous SQUAD. Also, since anyone who is anybody wanted to perform with Swift at one of her concerts, he has kept his silence on the subject until now. He ended up performing with Swift at the 1989 World Tour in New Jersey on July 10 to perform his hit, "I Can't Feel My Face".

But when it comes to his hair and Swift, he actually can feel his face (but he actually looooooves it).

1989 World Tour performing "I Can't Feel My Face" : July 10

What do you think of Swift's purrfectly awkward encounter with the Weeknd?

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He did say she was drunk (in his own way lol)! I can't help but think most people act ignorant when they're drinking... @nicolejb @danidee
@ButterflyBlu I act completely rational when I'm drunk. You should see my problem solving skills. I'm like a spiked Dear Abby.
That is true @ButterflyBlu you can’t expect all of us to be at our best when inebriated...
@danidee but... but... But you aren't a normal person, lady. You're like superwoman, a super amazing force of nature, dammit. OF COURRRRSE you're still perfect and untouchable when you're drunk. DUH! @nicolejb well. WE can't. Dani can. :P
@ButterflyBlu OH YOU STOP ;)