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So I added even more fun to my walls and im actually fangirling over my own walls right now lol
Besides all my Jiyongi posters( I sadly have 56 GD posters in my room) This is seriously my new fave wall these pictures are killing me right now Sung Joo & the guys look perfect!!!!(don't worry im adding Yixuan tomorrow)
Added ikon, Up10tion, young bae , kohh , my jelly bean , Jaguar and I moved Xiumi and his blue hair to this wall and replaced his spot on my door with favorite picture of him♡ So now my walls are almost complete amd I can forever wake up to beautiful korean/Japanese/Chinese guys ♡♥
and because I'm GD AF I added more GD pictures that I don't need
finally finished my 2pm wall too and added Jay & Zion.t
#roomgoals😭 my walls consist of anime and kpop haha
I want your walls!!
@ivyvega1245 lol thanks and kpop walls are the best walls haha