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@SerenaMcG wants to know what your bias group means to you. You can find the original card here While BigBang means quite a bit to me and even holds my Ultimate Bias, BTS means a little more. BTS reminds me that I'm still young. I'm only 21 and yet I've been through enough shit and act like I'm 30 sometimes. When I watch bombs and behind the scenes, watching Vapp and just them being in them. I'm reminded to chill the hell out. I've got shit wrong with my head, I really do and listening to them brings me outta that dark place. These dorks make me smile.
JungKookie is a little shit. He reminds of my brother, they're literally only a few weeks apart and they seem to act just the same. He also reminds to stop trying to grow up so fast. I may be married and have a son but I need to not stress myself.
I'm like V in some ways I can go from this ^ to (swipe) this ^ in like three seconds. Not to mention his smile is contagious And his deep ass voice makes my ears perk up, catches my attention when it strays from their music sometimes.
Jiminnie He reminds me of no one and nothing. He's just a dork, got great vocals (that high note is a holy shit) and great dance moves. I like watching him move. He captures the stage and he's so extra it's not even funny.
Hobi He makes me laugh like really hard sometimes. Like when I have an episode and I'm absolute sobbing mess, I'll watch a bomb and he does something ridiculous. It makes me feel better and not like shits about to hit the fan. Then I watch his dancing and I get excited, I love dancing so much and watching him try so hard to get better at makes me feel...idk just happy that he wants to be better when he's already amazing.
Jinnie Baby How can you not love him? He takes care of his boys, he's a pink loving mario boy and he loves to eat. He's one of the few idols that shows he eats and he is a really great singer. I love that he's the mother of the group cause I was the mother of mine in high school. He reminds me of the good days when I didn't have episodes, when everything was okay for me.
Suga Bear His passion. Good lord, his passion for his music. He spends so much time and effort on his music, making it perfect and good enough to get approved. He reminds me to keep my passion for photography alive. That I shouldn't give up when things get difficult and don't pass the first or even hundredth round of approval, just don't give up. He's also the biggest dork. Suga tries to act hard and badass but he is the cutest little man ever.
Rap Monster Nammie is just asdfghjkl He's just like Suga when it comes to the passion thing. He my bias in this group for a reason. NamJoon is a beautiful human being, he's smart as fuck and his loves not only his music but BTS comes first. He makes me think of myself. That everything is okay when I watch him performing, when I listen to his voice and when I watch him with his boys. I was the leader of my baby's in school, I would do anything for them. Also, he can not dance (Ive seen those skills in person) and I can't either so it makes me giggle to watch him try. And he honestly does try.
I love these boys; their talent, their skills and their passion. They work so hard and make me want to do the same.
I think you just did an amazing job of explaining why we love the groups we love. Its why biases exist and fandoms are a thing. Because we don't ever seen to be able to give back enough to make up for everything they've given us. I'm an EXO-L and proud of it. with ARMY and SHAWOL tendencies lol. I know what you mean about episodes. These guys are my quiet place and my home away from home! Thanks for sharing 💟
@ARMYStarlight @crazyalyk @SerenaMcG @LizHolder @Pickles440 Thank you all for taking the time to read all of this.
This is something I love about most fandoms in general. There are incredible people who spread nothing but love to each other and for the things that they are fans of. This is an incredibly well done card.
yes!! beautiful! I love BTS so much, honestly all of them are on the top of my bias list
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