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Yes, I am behind again. Life happened...sorry. This challege is how did you fall for your Big Bang Bias...Interview/song/mv, etc... I think my final decision was watching this episode of Running Man. I just love T.O.P.'s voice and he's such a good sport.....and too bad he didn't win.
I loved this episode he was toto lol. Tops team won in the end. It was funny he told his co-star to give him his gold ring cuz she wanted to keep it. 😄
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I'd have to say watchinga few Youtube clips of GD. I love his smile and eyes. So handsome.
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@DanaNikole89 I really like the 2015 Running Man episode with all of Big Bang. It it soooo funny. The gladiator costumes look so cute on them. I'm glad they won.
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love Big bang on running man. GD has the sweetest smile! ♡♡
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