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The Feelings Challenge: 11 Of My Favorite Feelings
Challenge accepted and late... This list is not in any order! @jordanhamilton
1 Watching a good horror movie with my friends. The fact that they get scared so easily makes it even better! And I have to add watching sports with them too and casting bets. Hey you win some and you lose some lol
2 Watching some of my favorite movies and TV shows alone and wishing some of them were not canceled (Fire Fly). Also allowing my imagination to run wild and wonder what if I had the succubus power, like in Lost Girl.
3 Makeup and Parfums. I was always into Parfums that are dark, mysterious and sultry! The makeup scene is new to me. I started soon after my kidney transplant to cover up some scars and also the acne marks that some of the steroids created. I have always been called "chicken lips" so I looked to Buxom to see if I could get some color and plump action.
4 Being alive and getting a second chance with my kidney transplant that I waited over 8 years for. Now I just want to laugh and enjoy everyone that I come across. :: phrasing :: Also, spreading information about my condition FSGS and others that you just can't see but it does exist. My motto now is to live and laugh! That is one of the reasons Deadpool is on my radar.... His character has went through a lot and he still manages to laugh and live!
5 Socks! Undies! Socks make me happy and I love them. I have so many it's crazy but it's just one of those Lydia things! My bf made me count all the pairs of undies I have. At the moment I am around 300 (this is Sparta!). They each have personality, just like my socks. Btw those are my thunder ⚡ thighs! Lol
6 Video Games! Once a gamer, always a gamer. I do take my gaming serious, I don't like sharing any game console or any electronic that I have lol. When it comes to games I have made my bad choices in games, right @vinmccarty and also some pretty good ones too! I made a few friends that I do talk to of live at times. They have become a special part of my life and it's wonderful to make friends that have things in common with you!
7 Being productive. I can not stand not being productive or producing something with purpose. I do have a temper when my productivity is low and everyone around me is a worthless tool!
8 Cold ❄ Sheets on an Autumn night. It feels great and I love the cool breeze hitting my body. Love it.
9 Being in love with the right person. I am not married.... (I do not need a ring to be happy) but I have been with the same man for about 9 years. He has stuck with me when I lost my mind, my kidney and countless of other things. He has also made plenty of sacrifices for me and he still is standing with me today. He help me become stronger and wiser. Before him I was in an abusive relationship and I had a problem trusting and also I was not looking for a boyfriend but there was my Papi Chulo on the F train in NYC with his California swag lol (btw he would kill me if I called him that! Lol he won't even answer me back in Spanish when I say something to him lol how rude but cute ♥)
10 Cooking food for me and my friends! Oh and getting them drunk at some point. Btw I am the one with the peep toe shoe.. Yea, don't ask how I got of that but more people piled on lol.
11 traveling and going to see different things. Enjoying different cultures and just learning different things from people. I adore it and it makes me feel good!
It feeeeelsssssss goooooooodd yaaaa What makes you feel good @butterflyblu @vinmccarty @shannonl5 @danidee @beannachtoraibh @phillydomain @tessstevens
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This is awesome!!!!!! I'm so glad that you're happy and working it!
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Oh thank you @allischaff auto correct on my phone hates me and everything I do lol
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@allischaff yes we did! It was a crowded train ride and the guy who likes to sell sandwiches in a robe came on and it was instantly laugher between me and him (and a few others) but I was more interested in him lol. We did exchange numbers and talked on and off.. And at one point I was scared to call him because I knew I liked him and he was a "man's man" he is four years older than me and he saw the world and at the time I was also in totally bitch mode. He actually helped me grow up on the emotional side. I realized that not every man was going to physically hurt me, call me ugly and of course out of my name. He showed me that not all guys get crazy about a female having male friends or the fact they have hobbies like video games and having a good time.
2 years ago·Reply
@tessStevens thank you... I had help along the way to becoming happy and I am still trying to get to that euphoria Plateau! Lol
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This was perfect! thanks so much for participating. the love between you and your guy is beautiful and I'm so glad that you pulled through with your kidney transplant. miracles do happen :) wishing you the best!
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