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For brides that are a little worried about your closeup in pictures, don't fret. Here's a quick and easy fix for those of you who are plagued with large pores and an uneven complexion.
While the technique is easy to master, the secret is a product called Smoothing Primer. This is what you want to apply as a thin layer to your clean face before you even get started.

The Makeup Forever technique:

1. Apply the Foundation from the middle of the face outwards in upward movements to lift features.
2. Apply concealer to the crease of the eye using a brush, then blend with the foundation to avoid any makeup lines.
3. Classic blush application: Apply the blush on top of the cheekbone. Begin at the hairline and blend inwards to the apple of the cheek.
4. Apply pressed powder in smoothing movements from the middle of the face outwards, including the eye area.
With a clean Kabuki Brush, remove any excess powder.
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