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soooo I wanted to say that everything in bleach that happened was a plan made by aizen which step by step he already had created, and I believe that aizen kud and prolly is the creater of bleach. dam u aizen ur an asshole with great hair. Ps. I looked at his shikai
ill try to find a better explanation but its something logical lol
yeah that would make sense, but also I think this whole quincy arc thing is way too much. Ichigo is now every supernatural thing he could be in the universe. hollow, shinigami, quincy
I agree it shud of ended with aizen but I hoped that the Quincy arc shud of came before so we know about ichigo mom being a Quincy as well as him, then aizen shud of came last
@jessreno I was telling youngster aizen bleach anime went way down hill! Lol
lmfao kjnguyen that sounds about right
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