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f(x) comeback 10/27
Am I the only one excited about this??? F(x) is literally the only girl group I mess with aside from mamamoo (but that's a different story). After Red Light I've been thirsting for more. I can not wait for these girls to bring the fire. SM you have one job...so YOU BETTER DO IT RIGHT!!! This isn't a drill. https://instagram.com/p/9GpuifsHnA/
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I'm excited for their comeback too!
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Hoping SM give f(x) fanclub name
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That's the least they could do. It's been six years since their debut. it's well overdue @Luphy
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SM gave Exo fanclub name before f(x), what a great disappointment. Btw, f(x) didn't get attention from SM since Sulli's departure. -_-!
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