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I wanted to be able to show my fellow Funny Vinglers my sister's handy dandy Grumpy Cat pint glass. Her boyfriend bought it for her for Christmas, and the best part of sleeping over at her place is being able to swipe it from her cupboard and fill it up with some fresh-squeezed juice. Do any of you like Grumpy Cat? I feel like his popularity has kind of phased out lately, but he's still my part-time spirit animal.
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@ButterflyBlu omg, what did they look like?
@danidee a grumpy head shot, yo. I used the model of some kids drawing for colors. They turned out really good!! ^.^ I'll see if I can find a picture. I know I have one somewhere around here! :D
@ButterflyBlu Yesss show me. That sounds badass.
Kind of - I like anything cat related!
@Sophie851 My sister does too! Do you own any cats?