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Marvel's Jessica Jones just got another teaser trailer and even though it's only 15 seconds in length it manages to recognize its source material in that short amount of time. You can check out the tease below.
It's really short so it's hard to pull too much from the teaser itself but I thought it was interesting that we can see little polaroid-like photographs littering the frame. And the use of the color purple, I think, is their way of telling us subconsciously that the Big Bad of this first season is The Purple Man. I'm excited to see where the story goes once it comes out on November 20th.
In the next block, I left an image of one of the covers of Alias (the book Jessica Jones is the star of) so you can make your own comparison. Also, word is that we'll be getting another trailer (hopefully) an actual one this Friday. So I can't wait for that (this seems to be the week to drop new trailers for things, eh?)
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Paul, thanks for sharing. This is Beautiful!! <3 @Shannonl5 Squeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited. It's going to be so good!
Haha, November 20 is my son's birthday. >.< "Happy Birthday... go play. Mommy has to watch a show." (lol I'm jk, folks. No fussing at me! I'd nev-uh ev-uh.)
@ButterflyBlu XD no worries, I know you're a fantastic mom. But yeah this doesn't look like the kind of thing the two of you can watch together any time soon
@shannonl5 noooo. He has a few more years before he's ready for these. He's used to it though. We'll curl up on the couch and watch anime or a movie for a couple of hours and then he's done and wants to go play. That when I get "Mommy Time" with the tv. :P
@ButterflyBlu makes sense ^_^ and that's really sweet! I'm glad you two could watch together