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This is what I have so far for my manga idea (sorry about the grammar very rough draft)
j m 16 mental power- understanding manipulation brains r f 15 mental power- music v f 14 mental power- understanding animals m m 17 mental power- fire c m 16 mental power- natural science herbs poisons plants k f 16 mental power- physical combat predicting/reading opponents z m 15 mental power- chaos/corruption so the setting for the fist chapter should start out with a dark cold rainy day and a boy named j (i dont have an idea for the name yetso ill say j)seven years attending the funeral of his parents relizing that he was angry at the fact of losing his parents the story is one about the pope brainwashing the remaining subjects that occupy the world that the world they live in is without evil and god ultimitly is the only thing that is needed (personally i agree however this plot needs an evil) so i was thinking how to bring evil into into it and i came up with the idea human corruption only humans can turn something good into evil so how to do that is free will my idea is the evil in the world lacks free will even though god is perfect only god is perfect he gave humans free will the story takes place a thousand and twenty three years after a nuclear war so post apyocoliptic and the world is mostly un-inhabitated (no one lives there lol) there are a couple major cities left in the world but for the most part wilderness took over and expanded places that used to be deserts turned into thousands of miles into barren wasteland, woods turned into jungles, rivers turned into seas so on so on this story is about seven young adults who realized that evil needed to be brought bacck into the world to return free will to humanity each of them have powers that evolved kinda like the xmen but not mutants more like physics brain power brought on by need maybe nuclear maybe evolution but the wall ive hit is why are humans unhappy what negative cause is the lack of free will and how do show it ?????? my thoughts are pope takes away free will for example if a loved one dies there are tears but in this society there are none no one is sad they realize its an act of god nothing can be done move on so i think they arent happy either but again if they arent sad and all there needs are met why arent they happy maybe the brainwashing is so deep they have never seen the bad side of humanity so they never experienced it never learned through there own mistakes making them ultimitly unable to even realize they arent happy so back to the top and he was angry at his parents for leaving his relatives for not expierencing his pain and mostly at god for taking away his parents (ok i like that) he runs to his favorite tree in the rain and starts crying he gets sideling glances from his relatives he realizes at this point in his life he isnt happy and that society is seriously fucked up and this is where he "unlocks" (for lack of a better term unlocking is where he sees how the world isnt right the light bulb goes off in his head and he understands it should be different) after a short time his cousin (female 6) r comes over not understanding why he is crying in the rain and j hugs her and cries on her shoulder ok flash forward 9 years j is in an orphange with two other wards v 14 f and m 17 setting breakfast v chatting about her day of school m kinda half listening mostly in his own world but still acknowledging her every now and then j still in his room laying on his bed thinking r stops by and asks where j is already knowing the answer she starts walking towards his room by the time they answer. she drags him to breakfast and r and v chat and giggle as they get ready for prayer/school j mentions that they should wait for z but decides against it due to the time at prayer focus on the monatony of it all the prayers the pope on the big screen the people everything after prayer all of them head to school -note-during this time pan to the citizens noting that none are smiling and they are basically routine. note-at school no matter who is being focused on show the geography of the world and different parts the nuclear war and the jungles deserts oceans show the reader here the extent of the appcolypse then to school at school focus on j his class mostly on him and the twins next to him c male and k female sticking together like two peas in a pod and so far these are the only two smiling in the entire manga besides r and v at breakfast pan over to r's class and she is staring outside and sees z coming to school late (he seems dark) shortly after he enters r's class sitting next to her in the class after school r is talking to her friends about how lucky she is to have z as a boyfriend and z walks towards her they both smile and start holding hands chatter chatter from her friends she looks at the clock and realizes she is late for her music tutor she gives z a quick peck onthe cheeck then she runs out the class and knocks into v she blushes apologizes and runs away as v composes herself she watches r go to her music lessons c and k at there home\dojo k is in the dojo with dad having an uncany knack for it unlike her brother who is good but clearly not as skilled as k but when dinner is mentioned by mother all three clean up and this is where c is the master instructing k on temps and times these are happy times outside it is dark and nearby in an abondened section of town m is playing with fire and in the flames you see him smiling the first time in the entire story so far he is smiling kinda evil smile this is where m "unlocks" though the fire gets out of his control and he realizes he screwed up and cant control this one and runs away z who was just walking around sees the entire thing z "unlocks" seeing the evil the fire has spread to be an out of control wildfire the firefighters cant contain it and the dojo is up in flames and the parents of c and k are scrambling to get the kids out they succeed but die in the process. the funeral is attended by c and k's classmates r v and m are also there because j is there and they all are "friends" more like acqutancies i dont know if this chapter has enough room but i think c and k "unlock" due to the pact they made to kill the fire starter and remember in this society there are no "murders" (except for the pope but we dont know this yet) so c and k were basically told at the funeral to just move on and get over it not to worry it must have been an act of god now here is an interesting idea why doesnt z put the idea in there head that might have actually been a fire starter for them to excact there revenge on at the funeral j over hears it END CHAPTER end of the first chapter in this chapter r and v "unlock" also the popes power comes into play and j realizes the popes lackeys are coming after m, j realizing m has unlocked and how the lackeys are going to deal with m if he has unlocked j also realizes c and k also unlocked and that the lackeys have actually been watching him since his parents death him realizing the need to leave this town with c k and m. v and r find out and decide to leave z was going to meet up with r when r realized that j was leaving and z actually understands almost as much as j about the "unlocking" thing and decideds to tag along ok to start this chapter i think i should focus on m not being able to sleep due to the fact he actually murdered two people but to show people the type of manga this is going to be and the role that m has at this time he stays awake but what keeps him up is the fact that he doesnt care as much as he should actually he almost feels relieved it felt good? to see the fire in all its intensity and knowing he was the one that did it knowing he has the power over another life now we focus on j the setting is his room and you can tell he his thinking he is talking to himself putting pieces together deciding on the best course of action at this point r walks in and he successfully pretends he is just being a recluse like always at breakfast focus on m who hasnt slept much since the fire and he has a weird expression which j realizes and further concludes j hypthosis about m "unlocking" further unto breakfast r and v are chatting inocent flirting is happening between them seen by the reader j mentioning it almost time to go to prayer/school everybody is walking towards prayer j is noticing people watching them but mostly m furthering his hypthosis about this whole "unlocking" and wondering what is happening at prayer z is there waiting to sit next to r focus mainly on j and his thoughts noticing more and more things for the first time such as idk quite yet what he notices but the people who are eyeballing m are there watching m like a hawk at school drown out the teacher focus on j, c and k sre sitting next to him j is startled to realize that the people watching m are also watching c and k note- c and k at first glance look dead but on closer inspection by j there eyes look just like m's set determined and resolute. to be kind he invites them after school to hang out with him to be determined what? they agree more out of uncaring then anything else quickly pan on r and v then m at school after school focus on c and k walking with j unknowingly they walk past the spot where m started the fire the twins at this point both have clenched fists which are bandaged up (both cut from the pact they made) noticed by j and unbeknownest to them but also noticed by the watchers that j noticed at school since remember this part of town is abondened and it is dark and j refuses to leave there side expecting something to happen to them two assailants (the watchers) decide to make there move on c and k and j for having to witness this but because j gives off a warning c and k have enough time to react in this scene the first assailant is dead before even being able to do anything (k took him out note-this part also reveals k and c's difference in ability) the second assailant a bit more leary but still with a job to do starts his second assault but between c and k he goes down quickly out of anger k almost kills him but j steps in at this point being little more then a bystander before and questions him the assailant is only saying things like in this society we have no use for people that go against god and various other things similiar to that during the interogation j threatens the man the assailant insults j at which point j takes a metal object and slowly inserts it into his eye and kills him knowing that at this point that no matter what he will be wanted also afterwards the ball has to start rolling quickly c and k stop at there burned down house to pick thru what they can which involves a couple of items the family sword and something personal to c at this point j starts thinking out loud and c and k listen and put in there input j realizes that m is danger and v bc they live in the same house then it hits him that r is probably there with v and he panics and starts running to his house c and k follow him upon running to his house he notices smoke rising from the orphange when he gets to the house it is completely burnt down he starts yelling knowing that if he would have acted sooner then they wouldnt have died c and k are just standing there k walks to the ashes and points out only two bodies and then states that they were killed before the fire which triggers j's mind not understanding a few things r backpack is there but the bodies are only adults clearly not females then it clicks he tells c and k a place to hide and wait for him in this scene they argue with him but he basically tells them that people will be looking for them not him but he does take c's shirt and puts it on then he leaves dramatic exit END OF CHAPTER at the beginning of this show the scene with j's shirt on but unbuttoned the dramatic scene from the last chapter saying he is going to get his family. then it shows him walking to r's house where he notices a bunch of people standing outside like the same people that he dealt with earlier he hides around some houses thinking where they couldve gone he remembers v telling him that animals go to known ground when scared so he thinks of any place that r would know and go if she were scared so he starts walking to school when he arrives in the music room r's favorite place to be he sees the door slightly ajar but upon opening the door completely he sees no one inside he enters the room wondering if he got it wrong and as he closes the door behind him a a bloody hand holding a knife goes to his throat he slowly turns around with his hands raised and see m with one shoulder injured and blood streaming down his arm towards the knife still up to j's throat. j with out pausing a beat demands is r ok upon him speaking r and v jump up from a hiding spot further in the room and r rushes over and hugs him telling m to put the knife down obviously j wouldnt be the one who did any of this m reluctantly lowers the knife but clearly hesitant about j. m then asks how did you know we were here j quickly explains the situation while looking around the room notices z standing in the shadows j kinda shocked looks questioningly at z, r quickly said that if it wasnt for z then they wouldnt be alive right now (flashback scene) they were in the house when the caretakers of the children attacked them and would have killed them but at that point z rushes in the house surprising them long enough for m to disarm one and take care of one and as z was rushing to the other m throw the knife at him he managed to dodge but at this point z had reached him and speared him into the wall snapping his neck then m deciding to make it look like an accident lights the house on fire after grabbing some essentials and a few personal belongings v doing the same and r doing the same with j's stuff(end flahback) j thanks z and m for taking care of his cousin j now ever the more curious of z wondering how he couldve known also z basically just shrugs it off saying he was just coming to visit r when he saw what happened through the window r and v are crying now wondering what is going on why people are trying to kill them asking j m still wondering much the same thing but j at this point mentions they dont have a lot of time saying that c and k were in danger also and that after everyone was together he would tell them is theory but for now they needed to get to a safe place and get out of here if the caretakers were in on it then teachers couldve been in on it to. ok so now flash to c and k hiding where j told them to and hearing noises outside peek out and see many pairs of boots and the barrels of guns starting to panick c starts freaking out but at this point k grabs his mouth to shut him up the boots continue on relieved she removes her hand and sighs a breathe of relief when suddenly the door slams open and she is staring down the barrel of a very large machine gun the guy smiling with dead eyes is starting to pull the trigger, then a knife emerges out of his throat, he turns around and sees m still poised from the throw and z, j, r, and v running to him he starts to raise the gun but falls down dead before he raises it even a couple of inches. during this time more blood is sprayed on k, shaking she stands up and j reaches her grabbing her shoulder and, looking her in the eyes, asks if she is ok she camly says yes while reaching past him picks up the knife from his throat and the gun of his back at this time the others reach him and drag the body inside closing the door behind them once inside everyone is pretty much in a state of shock except for j and surprisingly z after a second of this j starts saying they need to go but r starts crying on him slamming her hands on his chest saying that she doesnt want to leave z grabs her in for a hug but she turns away and sits down next to c and v wanting not to be touched still crying in her arms j at this point says that he doesnt have enough time to explain but knows that if they stay here they will be caught and killed and that the only safe place for them would be the jungle outside the city and that once they get there that he will explain everything that he has figuired out, after a little common sense spoken from k and z r and v reluctantly agree and k m and z start stripping the soldier of anything essential as they leave the abandoned shed m throws a lighter in the shed on some dry leaves and it immediately starts a blaze dramatic scene where the seven are walking away with there wounds and weapons j's shirt still unbuttoned and the shed burning in the background with a cloudy sky over head
Also when reading this keep in mind I've put all my ideas in this particular copy so it is very disorganized
I haven't decided on names yet so the letters at the top are who they are till I can come up with names then the second letter is their gender ex. J is what I'm calling him and m means male
I shall read in the am