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Hello, my name is Danidee. You might know me as the Vingle 'Bringer of the LOLs' - or, I guess, more commonly as the Funny Community moderator.

Through my tenure as 'Bringer of the LOLs', I have met many different Vinglers. Some were self-proclaimed otakus, who scoffed at me because I've never seen 'Tokyo Ghoul', others were MMORPG gamers, who called me a n00b because I'm only a level 65 mage. But some Vinglers - some rare, irreplicable Vinglers - fall into a category of their very own.
Some of them are Taco Cats, who touched upon our Vingle world after lightyears of spanning the Galaxy.
Yes, you might know me as the Funny Moderator. But henceforth, I am Danidee, a Vingle Election campaign manager - and my endorsement lies in my candidate, @GalaxyTacoCat.

GalaxyTacoCat is the only candidate willing to ride into battle on a T-Rex for you. Carrying a bazooka. With lazers.

If elected, he can serenade his fellow Vinglers with a number of 90s acoustic rock hits.

(Did you know he has his own YouTube channel? He has his own YouTube channels, you guys. He's pretty much the next Nyan Cat.)

He is currently training a defense force of raptors on ATVs.

Tired of creepy guys messaging you all like 'Hey girl A/S/L?' Don't worry. GalaxyTacoCat's team of all-terrain defense raptors will PROBABLY eat their faces. (This isn't a promise though, as I've yet to see how well they respond to the taste of human flesh.)

GalaxyTacoCat speaks fluent unicorn, as seen here when he worked as a Horse Spy for the Vingle government during the Great RenFair Battle of Imminent Destruction (2015).

We won, by the way. Obviously.
Anyway, all of these pictures/drawings/videos belong to GalaxyTacoCat, so don't take them - but THIS picture is mine - featuring the end product of my world-famous homemade apple fritter recipe that I can post for you ONLY if you vote for my candidate, GalaxyTacoCat.

So will YOU join us in giving Vingle the Taco Cat it needs right now? (We have donuts!)

Do-nut vote for anyone else, @nicolejb. GalaxyTacoCat is all you need.
@danidee nooooooooooooooo!!!!! How can we be in opposite sides T-T For the record I'm only a level 65 Sorcerer, that's only cause 65 is the level cap though XD
@InPlainSight More competition!!!
With @danidee by my side, our unstoppable force will rule over the land.
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