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While I can't really get into it right now, I am on the fence about this whole cardio thing. I am still looking into it before I make a judgement, but I will say this: I AM NOT CONVINCED that cardio is even essential to body sculpting and weight training. I will write more about my rationale in another card.
In the meantime, SINCE I AM DOING CARDIO and haven't given that up (yet), I wanted to share with you my cardio secret THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE RUNNING! You have no idea just how much I HATE running! HATE HATE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Battle ropes, baby!
All the way!
I discovered these not long ago, actually. When you're using battle ropes, you're getting an incredible total-body workout, core strengthening and an elevated heart rate, which means it's cardio!
I included a video of this guy doing a million variations of battle rope exercises that I think you will find really helpful. There must be a million different ways to include this into your workout routine to keep it interesting, fun and maxed out.
Do you all use the battle ropes at your gym? If you don't have any at your gym, then I would recommend asking the manager to purchase them. If you're at home doing this, you can easily buy rope by the foot at Home Depot.
TIP: Leave battle ropes for the END of your workout. Don't attempt to do these exercises and expect to have energy to lift weights after. Not gonna happen!
sounds interesting, I'll definitely have to try this out!
Yeah. Battle rope will guarantee to make you run out of breath,as long as you work really hard. I use this as I can't run the treadmill. I do it sometimes during my lunch break. What is your set like for the ropes?
Looks fun though haha
I've always wanted to try rope exercises....but I've never been at a gym that has these :(
jus th started @ChriSingularis I did 4 sets of 30 second reps