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It's HERE! Look What I Got In The Mail!! 馃拰
So y'all know by now that vingle has an Instagram account for the kpop community right? If not it's Vinglekpop and you should definitely go follow them right now! Go Go! If you don't you won't have a chance to win stuff when they do giveaways.. you really want to take the chance that you'll miss out on something great?.. ANYways... I dunno if I told anyone here but I won the VIXX DVD Giveaway they did at the beginning of the month! And one of the best parts about it was I found out I won while I was AT THE BIGBANG CONCERT!!! It really was the cherry on top of an amazing night and experience! I just wanted to share the VIXX love because I was so excited when I saw this in the mail! What I Got : *VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia DVD boxed set Disc 1 [The Concert] Disc 2 [Special Features] (concert encore, multi angles member cams, making story) *Photobook *Pop-up Member Card (I got N!) All packed in a pretty protective hard box! Just want to thank @vinglekpop again for this!!! I absolutely LOVE it!
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@Emealia isn't it?! I about died when I found out I won! @Mattk95 Thanks! this is why I enter every giveaway at anything cause you just never know if you'll win!
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First of all congrats!!! Those are fancy looking DVDS! I'm so jealous!!!
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I cry
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@KellyOConnor Sweet! Go you! When you live life you gotta own it anyway you can... And guess what. You just did!!!
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