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You know X-Men Apocalypse is gonna be awesome...

But there are a few things that the movie is going to NEED to be totally off the hook.

LOTS of Storm

Let's face it, she's one of the most powerful characters in the comics, but the movies have not given her enough love.

Ditto Nightcrawler

Alan Cumming did an amazing job with the character years ago, but the movie didn't really do either of them justice.

Psylocke kicking some serious butt

It's her cinematic debut. The movie had better make good use of her!
More Gambit and Jubilee...and turncoat Cyclops.
I am so excited about Psylocke!! I can't wait.
@ChosenKnight I don't think that makes you sound like a jerk! There are so few nonwhite characters as it is and most of the time it's very light-skinned actors/actresses. It's really imbalanced. I'm really hoping the character gets more attention soon too, she's amazing. @TJ12 what do you think? Anything else you'd like to see in the next movie?
Gambit is my favourite x man but everyone seems to already be in agreement that he needs a spot :)
I'm ready for more storm let's get it lol
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