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You know X-Men Apocalypse is gonna be awesome...

But there are a few things that the movie is going to NEED to be totally off the hook.

LOTS of Storm

Let's face it, she's one of the most powerful characters in the comics, but the movies have not given her enough love.

Ditto Nightcrawler

Alan Cumming did an amazing job with the character years ago, but the movie didn't really do either of them justice.

Psylocke kicking some serious butt

It's her cinematic debut. The movie had better make good use of her!
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@TJ12 yeah! I feel like X-men movies have been sort of hit or miss for me and Apocalypse is such a cool concept I'm really hoping they do a good job.
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@JamesRicharts @PrinceCampbell what do you both think? Is there anything else X-Men Apocalypse really needs?
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@shannonl5 well considering the fact I cnt watch the trailer because "An error occurred" I cnt answer lol 馃槯but I will say 馃I dnt think they've messed up a x-Men movie YET 馃槍so I'm sure it'll be good
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I can't call it when stan lee behind the wheel it cant be anything but the
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A freaking blue Apcoplyse... Smh
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