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Yeah... they're all good.

It's like picking your favorite kid... except you probably won't hurt Tony's feelings. Do you have a favorite Iron Man movie?

IM 1

They basically didn't have a script when they stared filming... and they didn't really have one by the time they were finished either. Did anyone really care though?

IM 2

Twice the sass, plus our cinematic introduction to Black Widow. Seriously what's not to love there?

IM 3

Aka the one where Pepper finally gets to kick some serious butt. Who cares about the villain when there's a power couple to fan over?
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@MichaelOgg omg YES that would be great XD @alexisrollings do you have a favorite Iron Man movie?
second or third. probably third. its been a while since i watched them but i love that he lives on in avengers so we dont have to lose him.
@shannonl5 I've seen the IronSpider floating around in a lot of things lately so I'm really hoping for it in the next 2 Avengers movies. I read some of the comics its supposed to be based off of, but I don't think anybody want spoilers so I will try to avoid giving away too much. I will say it looks to be an amazing movie. xD
@MichaelOgg haha we'll have to make spoiler-free and spoiler friendly cards the closer to the movie release
@shannonl5 I am a Marvel Master xD I grew up watching all the series, reading my much older friends comics, and collecting everything I could. I knew about the Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool,and much more before they got rereleased.