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Yeah... they're all good.

It's like picking your favorite kid... except you probably won't hurt Tony's feelings. Do you have a favorite Iron Man movie?

IM 1

They basically didn't have a script when they stared filming... and they didn't really have one by the time they were finished either. Did anyone really care though?

IM 2

Twice the sass, plus our cinematic introduction to Black Widow. Seriously what's not to love there?

IM 3

Aka the one where Pepper finally gets to kick some serious butt. Who cares about the villain when there's a power couple to fan over?
I freaking love this man in real life and as Tony Stark. My aunt is best friends with his wife. He is my idol. ♡
I like the first movie the most. It had more humor and didn't seem so packaged. The battle scenes in the 3rd movie however were my all time faves.
I loved them all
@JonPatrickHyde I definitely feel what you're saying about #1 being really organic. A *lot* of it was improv and it definitely shows. It ended up being a little bit chaotic but it fits the story, and the actors all brought it. And you're right on- the Marvel movies have really redefined what it means to be part of a franchise in the past couple of years. @trin1991 everything about the Mandarin feels like a fiasco to me. As much as I love IM3 I feel like using that character was a mistake. There's no way they could have really done the character without making some sort of offensive caricature, so why do it? It was an interesting twist certainly, but they ended up just playing on the stereotypes of a different group (as if all Asian cultures are interchangeable?). It's a confusing decision.
i like the third one but the most disappointing thing is that the mandrin wasn't real and I'm still upset about that fact
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