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I Can Be Your Hero ♡
So I'm so happy that Monsta X has a community now on Vingle since they are my number 1 favorite group. Thanks to @Exoexo for making that card informing all us Monbebes. (I still can't get used to that name)

Hero (Broadcasting Version)

So I also wanted to hear your opinions on the new Hero version that just came out a couple hours ago. Which one do you like better? This version or the original version?

Please comment down below!

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I know I love both as well but like how they slowed it up a notch on the broadcasting version. :) @Marilovexoxo @LexTay327 @sherrysahar
@Exoexo I know right. They killed me as I was putting in the last picture on this card.
Mee Too!! ♡ I think Kihyun is cute but my biases are Shownu and Hyungwon ♡♡ @ReginaGriffiths