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Six more days till tip off! Are you guys ready for the 2015/16 NBA season?

Here is Part II of some of the best free throw trolls to give you some ideas for the upcoming season!

How the hell are you supposed to score when you have that?

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can't wait to see is the New New York Knicks play and mesh with each other till than mets and jets lol yes I'm a homer
I'm so psyched for a new season! This is the best time of year for sports tbh.
@DannyMoses I'm thinking about supporting the Knicks this year as well......I mean I used to love them and I still have my Ewing think they'll do well this year?
@KyleBerke It is...but I'm pretty sad baseball season's going to be over soon :( but yes, def psyched for the NBA!
@PhilAnthony Here are some basketball free throw trolls! Enjoy!