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SEASON 5 ENDS ON:NOVEMBER THE 11TH. As we all know League of legends season, last for about a year. Every player that has joined at least Bronze will get the reward the rewards are following: -BRONZE:Summoner icon,Probably ward skin. -SILVER:Summoner icon,ward skin,Profile and loading screen Banner. -From Gold to Challenger:Summoner icon,ward skin,profile banner And Victorious Skin which were till season 5 Pretty cool skins For the season one achiving At least GOLD you got: Victorious Jarvan IV Season 2:Victorious Janna Season 3:Victorious Elise Season 4:Victorious Morgana Season 5:Victorious SIVIR Thank you all for tunning in dont forget to like and comment what you think about me posting stuff like this. Thank you Peace out.
1st time an adc has gotten the victorious skin. pretty cool
Hey bud! I'm not a League of Legends fan but it might help you out more if you published this in the eSports community! Here's the link to the community! https://www.vingle.net/community/e-Sports