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Season 5 Coming to an end.
SEASON 5 ENDS ON:NOVEMBER THE 11TH. As we all know League of legends season, last for about a year. Every player that has joined at least Bronze will get the reward the rewards are following: -BRONZE:Summoner icon,Probably ward skin. -SILVER:Summoner icon,ward skin,Profile and loading screen Banner. -From Gold to Challenger:Summoner icon,ward skin,profile banner And Victorious Skin which were till season 5 Pretty cool skins For the season one achiving At least GOLD you got: Victorious Jarvan IV Season 2:Victorious Janna Season 3:Victorious Elise Season 4:Victorious Morgana Season 5:Victorious SIVIR Thank you all for tunning in dont forget to like and comment what you think about me posting stuff like this. Thank you Peace out.
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Hey bud! I'm not a League of Legends fan but it might help you out more if you published this in the eSports community! Here's the link to the community! https://www.vingle.net/community/e-Sports