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NamJoon was playing with my hair and then I woke up

It seemed like a lazy day, the sun was peaking through the window. Not enough to get in your eyes but enough to cover the room in a dim haze. NamJoon was laid out next to you, snoring softly. It was nearly ten already, a fact that showed that today was going to be spent where you were now. You rolled from the bed, not remembering even falling asleep or much less why NamJoon was there. You weren't going to voice your questions however, just enjoy this rare moment and savor it. Taking a quick shower and brushing your teeth, you sauntered back into the bedroom. "Y/N, how was your shower?" His voice was heavy with sleep and his eyes only cracked open even to watch you move back to the bed. "It was nice." You smiled, pushing under the covers and pressing your face into the pillows. "You even attempted to dry your hair." Moving slightly, you were able to watch NamJoon roll over in his side. His dimple was showing, his smile beaming at you. "It takes to long to dry all the way." You inched closer to him, enjoying the small heat he gave off. "You can cut it. I think you'd look nice with shorter hair." NamJoon reached out, running his fingers through the strands. You loved when he played with your hair.
"Dammit!" That was the first thing you said when the alarm sounded. You bolted upright in bed, pulling at the blankets and the empty space next to you. Thinking it was any different than any of day was an idiotic move, a heartbreaking move really. NamJoon was hardly home to begin with, much less sleeping in for a lazy day. "Dreams are always nice." You muttered before getting up for a shower and morning routine. Moving from the bed and into the bathroom, there was a sticky note on the mirror. We're starting your day out right, go to the living room. You stepped from the bathroom, staring at the little yellow post it in hand. Down the short hallway and to the left was the living room. There stuck to the TV was another note. Flower shop on the corner is your next stop You rushed around the apartment, finding decent clothing and making yourself look presentable. Just what your boyfriend was planning you had no idea. Passing into the entrance, you noticed the shoe rack was in pieces and you laughed. NamJoon had a way with breaking everything, expecially when he was in a hurry. You made it down to the flower shop around the corner. The breeze picking up the fragrance of the dozens of beautiful bouquets. "Are you Y/N?" The old woman that owned the shop spoke up and when you nodded, she handed you a sticky note and a rose. Last stop babygirl. Meet me at the café
You smiled the second the bell over the door of your favorite café chimmed. The rich smell of coffee and pastries catching your nose. "Upstairs." The young man at the cashier didn't even look up. He knew actually who stepped inside, expecting you. You smiled and gave a polite bow in his direction before moving towards the stairs. Taking them two at a time until you reached the top. There standing next to a little table was NamJoon. His dimpled smile was wide as he watched you walk over to him. "So pretty, my Y/N."
I tried to make it not entirely disappointing. Did it work?
Ahh this one got me! This was perfect!
Ahhhhh. This was such a great story!!
I got major feels from this 😍😂
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