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Hiragana: くっきー
Katakana: クッキー
Romaji: Kukkī

Mmmmm.....there's nothing like fresh baked くっきー, right?

I love getting the Nihongo words for food. I think it makes it easier for you to remember, although I don't think I will ever be fully literate in the language (only able to read romanji).
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@RoseMarotta I'm the same, really....I'm still learning to read but I'm trying to learn a lot of words ^^
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@hikaymm guess we are just like children on that. They can say hundreds of words, even before they can read one, no matter what language it is
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easiest way is to learn hirigana first its very basic and used a lot. it spells the words out in romanjii. get away from romanjii. then learn katakana. its used for foreign words and names. then start your kanji. i learned to read hirigana in a week. katakana in another week and im still learning kanji.
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