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Is that Star Wars trailer still on your brain? Are you sitting at work wondering when you'll die and get reincarnated in a fictional universe? Do you even like Star Wars, bro?
I obviously answered yes to all of these questions. Ever since that trailer came out, I've been watching it over and over and dreaming about it when I finally get to sleep. And it's not that I want to watch the movie right this second, it's mostly that I want to enter that universe again. It's been a long, long time (see what I did there?) since I have. And last night, while I was laying in my ghost-bed thinking about ghost things, I remembered something.
Well, two somethings. Two extremely awesome things that'll let me experience the Star Wars universe once again.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Animated Series)

This show in particular took me a while to get into. I always wanted to watch it while it was on the air but I could never remember the times it was actually on. Since it was a Cartoon Network show it was always on at some weird time like 7:15 or 34:82, I don't know. But as soon as all the episodes hit Netflix, I did some research and started watching.
And even though it's a show that was made for children, I still describe it like this. Imagine Band of Brothers, but in the Star Wars Universe. They don't get as brutal as Band of Brothers but each episode is a different instance in the titular Clone Wars. It gives more screen time to the characters that didn't get enough during the movies, so it's a lot of fun seeing these secondary characters get some screen time. It's still on Netflix so you should definitely check it out when you get the chance.
But if you're looking for something more interactive then you should check out...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or KOTOR in shorthand Internet-speak, is one of the best RPGs ever made as well as being the best Star Wars game ever made. It takes plays years and years before any of the movies take place, so it takes away the idea that you might run into someone you recognize.
It allows you to experience the Star Wars Universe in a way that most Star Wars games don't. You get to live and breathe in the world. You get to make decisions and talk to (mostly) anyone you meet. The writing in the game is top-notch as well and if you haven't played this game yet you definitely should. If you are the type to have a credit card/monies you can download the game for your PC/Mac for only 10 bucks at or on Steam.
[Note: I'm probably going to write a spoiler-filled card about this game in particular in the near future, so if you played the game and want to start some conversation about it just comment below and I'll tag you in the next card. And if you haven't played it, quick, run go play it and we'll talk about it!]
So there you have it. Those are two ways to get your Star Wars fix right now. I don't know what you're waiting for 'cause I'm about to start getting my game/watch on right now.
Oh man kotor was definitely the best star wars game ever
I have the KOTOR app on my phone. Its just as good as the console/PC versions if you ask me