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Before I had decided to lose weight, I was a tired +200 pounds. Starting wasn't easy. Although I have had gone though stupid crash diets and was thin at some moments of my life (due to disordered eating), I made a point to lose weight the hard, old-fashioned way.
And that shit wasn't easy.
After starting on the elliptical, I soon realized I had to do far more than just 20 minutes of moving my legs. Initially, I lost about 10 pounds from the elliptical, because I want from doing nothing, to doing something.
But when I had slimmed down the "old-fashioned" way, I was so damn active. At first I hated every single minute of it.

Examples of Exercises I Was Doing Daily:

+ Sprinting (Interval training)
+ HIIT body weight exercises
+ Weight training
~ I was jogging maybe 3 times a week (I hated this the most)
I was spending about 2 hours working out

Examples of Daily Activity:

+ Walking a couple of miles to school
+ Taking stairs instead of elevators
+ Walking to run errands
+ During the summers, I went swimming often

Examples of My Eating:

+ I was meal prepping
+ No more soda, juice, sugar
+ No more processed foods
+ I was basically just eating meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans
I did eat allooooottttttt, but I my food choices were pretty healthy

It wasn't easy at all, but I did eventually learn to love being active. I felt so refreshed, alive, and I felt like a SUPERWOMAN. My body was able to do things I never though it could.

Was it a walk a park?
....Nahhhhhhh. NOPE.

For those who have successfully lost weight, bulked up, or become more active...what was/is your story?

this is so inspiring. I've been trying to lose weight to be healthy and most days I've given up, but post like these show you there's a brighter day
Was a 115 lbs throughout high school. Only gained a bit more weight in the military up to 135. Decided, "how hard could it be?" Learned a good deal about nutrition and put on 30 lbs over 7 months and now I'm sitting pretty healthy and fit!
I dont have a story but right now I look like the second picture to the right and my goal is to just flaten my stomach the way I do it is I dance I'm not dancer but I love to dance I listen to music and start dancing and their not even choreographical their literally random dance but to the stomach I used to do sit ups and run the thread mills but I keep forgetting or run out of time but I mostly work out during free times.
@Zwankimawalker well at least you're making progress, even if it's slow! It took me awhile to lose my weight, it wasn't fast. But that's okay because when you slowly lose weight, It will more likely stay off.
This was awesome. I'm so glad you were so candid and awesome.
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