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[Chapters 1-2]
Ok ladies, so how do I sum this all up. In the first two chapters we learned a lot about the four characters Willem, JB, Malcolm, and Jude. We learn they were friends from college, that still play a significant role in each others lives now.
We learn about their ambitions and current career paths. We learn about their apartments, (well for some it’s more of a just a living situation.)
But what I loved learning most about these characters was their families and their past. We get a pretty deep understanding of JBs family and how their raised him. As well as Willem’s. We get a small taste of what environment Malcolm lived (and currently lives) in with his family. But Jude’s past remains a mystery.
So my questions for you... What is most interesting to you about their relationship with their families? How did it help shape their character and their current motives? What do you find interesting about the differences in their family background?
{This card is part of the Vingle Book Club! We are currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. If you’d like to join the group we will be reading 2-3 chapters every week and discussing them!}
@nicolejb I don't know yet for sure! Jude just because we don't know much at all about him. And Willem because of his brother and all that happened with his family.
Sorry this is such a late comment! This story has been totally absorbing. I think what I've enjoyed the most so far is getting to know each character through their friends and then seeing how they see themselves. It's interesting how different the view points are.
@nicolejb should we move on to the second part of the book, it should we stay at chapter 3?
I am soooo in this story. The writing is amazing, and the details added make me feel so involved in the very essence of each person. Jude is such a mysterious I NEED to know more and I can totally understand Williems frustrations. Jude's a hard person to be friends with. And I think it's so very interesting that Malcolm is struggling with being mixed race. It's a fantastic addition to the plot that is usually unseen.
Ok so I just caught up and WOWWW
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