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@jordanhamilton wrote a card all about her 11 Favorite Feelings and wanted me to share my favorite feelings too! I probably have far more favorite feelings than the ones on this list, but I hope the ones that I mention are feelings the rest of you can definitely relate to! (Also, it's going to be completely difficult for me to make 'revenge' jokes.)
And @MelissaMae, @Danse, @ButterflyBlu, @InPlainSight, @LizArnone, tag! You guys are next! I want to see what you guys will pick!

Landing at the San Diego International Airport

I always love going on trips and vacations, but there's something so nice about returning home. The sky is always really clear in San Diego, so even at night, you get a beautiful view of all of the best parts of the city - the downtown skyline, ships on the bay, and palm trees!

Eating home-cooked Middle Eastern food

My mom's side of the family is Palestinian, and I was raised on a lot of the regional cuisine. I think everyone's got their very own 'soul food' that they enjoy, right? Stuffed grapeleaves, falafel, hummus, fattoush - everything is so fresh, aromatic, and healthy.

Watching new foreign films

I love international movies, especially quirky ones inspired by Japanese manga, Korean melodramas, and romantic comedies from Taiwan. (I can't help it. I've worked for a lot of Asian film festivals and have gotten used to the genres.) Netflix has a great selection!

Being in a creative space

Above is one of my favorite art spaces in Southern California - the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. It's where the studio art graduate students from CalState Fullerton work on their exhibit projects, and I like being able to visit every now and then, talk to the artists I've met there, and see the progress they've made on their work.

Buying new graphic novels

I'm really got into graphic novels, and buying a new one always gets me excited. Currently, my favorite author is josei manga artist Kyoko Okazaki, and the books I'm reading are "Can We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" by Roz Chast and "Pyongyang" by Guy Delisle.

Getting into the bathtub

So I have arthritis, right? And that means that my body is always angry at me for one reason or another. That also means that whenever I get into a warm bath, it's like being enveloped into a wonderful water-hug. I love adding to the water, like bubble bath, green tea, or rose oil.

Laughing with my friends

I laugh A LOT. It just comes with the territory of going through the Funny Community and reading everyone's cards on here. But I especially love laughing with my friends and having a good time. Jokes are always the best when everyone's on the same page.

Trying a strange international food for the first time

Sliced cow lung? Done. Spicy pig ears? Done. The stranger the food, the more excited I am to try it. I'm always surprised when the food or drink actually ends up tasting quite 'normal' versus whatever I expected of it. I actually like blood sausage and milky sodas a lot now!

Writing something I'm proud of

I love writing, especially when I get to talk about something I'm really passionate about. Those were always my favorite assignments in school, and it's always so gratifying to be done with something you've written and be ready to share it with those around you.

Drinking coffee at a new cafe

I love exploring, and one of my favorite places to explore are different cafes. They all tend to have different vibes, decor, and specialty drinks. Plus, the atmosphere is usually really relaxing. It's not as loud as a bar or as quiet as a library. Just right.

Wearing a new outfit out for the first time

Listen, I know that we're all about calling self-esteem a superficial asset, but ladies, it is perfectly okay to feel that you look good. I love when I've found an outfit that is totally my style. Even if I wear all black. And sometimes grey. Okay, I'm a part-time gothic teenager.
So, that's my response to the challenge! I hope some of these are feelings you totally resonate with. And if we have similar interests, let me know! I talked about a lot of things in this that I really, really love, so it'd be cool to meet fellow Vinglers who love them too!
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@RavenQueen0810 Which ones were super similar?! I want to know! :D
@danidee The ones that were super similar were landing at the airport, eating home cooked meals, watching new foreign films, buying new graphic models, getting into a bathtub, laughing with my friends, trying a strange international food for the first time, writing something I'm proud of, and wearing a new outfit out for the first time. I know it's a lot but I don't drink coffee and their really isn't much creative spaces that I visit but when I do I love them so I didn't know whether to add it to the list.
@RavenQueen0810 OMG YESSSS. I love which ones you picked though! Which types of graphic novels/foreign movies do you like?
@danidee Well the graphic novels I read are mangas and the foreign movies I like to watch are Korean movies!
@RavenQueen0810 What kind of manga do you read?! I'm trying to branch out more.