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Okay, maybe I was wrong about not having shoes that tied themselves for you. But you can't blame me can you? I mean, I didn't think this thing would ever be a thing but I had hoped. But they are a thing and it's something you might be able to get at one point or another, I'm not really sure.
Isn't that super cool you guys? A shoe that ties itself! I wonder if it needs batteries. And I wonder if I'd actually wear them. I don't know. And I honestly don't think I'll ever get the chance. Nike's statement on availability is:
Limited Edition, I understand. Only being available through an auction is something that I don't quite understand. That means the only way you'll be able to get this shoe is if you were Marty McFly in the movie or if you have a lot of money and time on your hands to outbid people.
It could be an auction where you get a ticket that lets you pay an outrageous amount of money for one but I also doubt that I have an outrageous amount of money to pay for a pair of these sneakers.
As much as Nike wants to say they're making the future happen by imagining it (or something), they aren't. They're really capitalizing on a pop-culture craze. But I can't really be mad at them, can I? I mean, that's the way our society works. You come with an idea that people will flock to, you release it at the right time, and you profit off the masses' stupidity and need to spend money.
I just don't get it. Doc Brown just gave these to McFly in a random alleyway. Shouldn't that imply that Air Mags are easy to come by? Come on, Nike, quit being a butt and send me a pair of Air Mags. Please. I am dying to be cool. No one in my life thinks I'm a cool guy and I need them to. I swear these shoes will turn my life around. I'll start a new job, I'll make new friends, and I'll finally figure out how to be a good boyfriend and have a good girlfriend. We'll get married and have kids and grandkids. We'll tell them the story of how we met, over an amazing conversation about Air Mags.

Nike. Please. I am begging you.