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Did You Guess Who?

Who was the best at comics trivia this week?

It was a close one on this week's trivia. There were two characters this time, one from Marvel and one from DC. Let me give you those hints again:
Character 1:
He originally debuted in 1940 with Hawkman One of his early villains was... The Turtle
Character 2:
Her kids are twins She's wearing a wimple in the comics
Did you figure them out?

The Flash and Scarlet Witch!!!

@LAVONYORK was the first to get The Flash, and @BeannachtOraibh was the first to get Scarlet Witch! @trin1991 was the first to get both of them correct! Great job!!! @OGv6FATE @MailayasiaTyler @karencorchado @ChanceGonzalez @Danse @Awesomeperson @shantalcamara @ComicGeek94 @megamind @Raadhiyah @FernandoGarza you all did great! Thank you so much for playing, I'll see you all again on Monday with another trivia game ^_^
Please let me know in the comments if you'd also like to be tagged in the next Guess Who Game!
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