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We made it weird Marvelers.

And by weird I mean AWESOME.

On Monday I asked you all to fill in the blanks on another Marvel-themed Mad Lib. And oh my, did you all deliver. Check out our hilarious monstrosity below:
Steve and Sam were on their morning run when they got a call from their stinky Avengers phones! There was a terrible crisis happening downtown!
"Let's go!" Sam sang, grabbing his wings.
"I might need a ride," Steve grinned dirtily.
"Did you crash your motorcycle again? This is why we can't have nice things Steve." Sam picked him up and carried him downtown.
The streets were flooded with demons. A truck had exploded due to an emperor leak. They quickly assessed the damage.
"I'll deal with the upside-down boat," said Steve. "You want to deal with the jiggly civilians?"
"I'll deal with the unique civilians," said Steve. "You want to deal with the upside-down feet?"
"Roger that," Sam smirked. "Sorry bro, couldn't resist."
Steve laughed as he ran toward the ancient disaster. A Payless was on fire, there were warriors and chimps on the ground, and something smelled like vomit.
"What a disorganized mess. This right here is why you all lost Nam."
Meanwhile, Sam was trying to lead the violent civilians to safety. "There's less damage over there folks, nice and gassy, that's it."
Steve was covered in sour lemon and looking a little grumpy. "I can't believe I carried my shield all the way here."
"Oh, *you* carried it? Tell me all about that Steve!' Sam shouted, over the aromatic roar of the crowd. "My clavicle hurts thanks to you!"
"Sorry?" Steve shrugged, hoisting a toilet over his shoulders.
"Let's just say you're buying dinner tonight." Sam said. "I'm talking a five-course meal, cheesy bacon-wrapped tater tots, the works."
Steve lifted the last of the mess out of the street, clearing debris.
"Sure thing buddy. Just remember..."
"Don't say it!" Sam flew.
"...On your left!"
Thank you @EmrysHeartnet @amobigbang @maxi217 @animechild51 @danidee @raenel so much for contributing to this hilarious Mad Lib!!! Let me know if there's a character you'd like to see in the next one ^_^

Let me know in the comments if you'd like to be tagged in the next Mad Lib Project!!!

of course
Now I want cheesy bacon wrapped tater tots.
*clap clap clap* :D another master piece XD
This was hysterical
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