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YouTube announces YouTube Red and YouTube Music, subscription services that will enable you to stream music videos and other music related content without any interruptions or advertisements.
It'll also posses that coveted "background" playing thing that we all want when we're using YouTube as the soundtrack to our parties.
YouTube red will enable users to watch videos offline as well as leave them playing in the background as well. .
Youtube Red costs 9.99 per month for Android devices and 12.99 on iOS devices. The service will be available on October 28th for everyone. Much like Apple music, users will be able to experience the service for free, for one month.
Youtube Music doesn't have a launch date yet, but they're marketing it as a "coming attraction." What's a little bit different is that this app will include ads, much like any other streaming service for instance, Pandora.
Youtube insists that the regular app with ads and delays isn't going anywhere, so those of us who don't feel like paying for another subscription service (ehem Apple Music), don't have to!
Although, it would be great to have a non-stop party playlist without the hindrance of all those 15 and twenty second ads.

Would you guys get behind Youtube Red and Youtube Music?

Check out the advertisement above, let me know what you think!
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yah sure it seems okay but YouTube is removing the videos from smaller companies that don't agree with YouTube red. So those of us who don't have the luxury of paying $10 a month get stuck with a YouTube where we can't watch what we want. It will also make it harder for smaller youtubers to post videos. What happens if they can't pay each month? I think I just might switch my country to Canada...
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I鈥檓 a little frustrated with it too @IamSasha. I think it鈥檚 going to get better though. they are just getting approval from music distributors and such. They are trying to brand themselves as more professional video which to me is really interesting because everyone used it for their own expression...
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Or it could just be free why should we pay if we the people support YouTube , People might stop using YouTube less because of these annoying ads ill be in the middle of a video and then an ad shows up ... That's just wrong man 馃槕馃槥
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I thought the ad free version was only available in the U.S?
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I totally feel you @IvanDiaz like I wish it could be the same old youtube as it was! it was an awesome way to express yourself, and limiting it is just not as fun.
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