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YouTube announces YouTube Red and YouTube Music, subscription services that will enable you to stream music videos and other music related content without any interruptions or advertisements.
It'll also posses that coveted "background" playing thing that we all want when we're using YouTube as the soundtrack to our parties.
YouTube red will enable users to watch videos offline as well as leave them playing in the background as well. .
Youtube Red costs 9.99 per month for Android devices and 12.99 on iOS devices. The service will be available on October 28th for everyone. Much like Apple music, users will be able to experience the service for free, for one month.
Youtube Music doesn't have a launch date yet, but they're marketing it as a "coming attraction." What's a little bit different is that this app will include ads, much like any other streaming service for instance, Pandora.
Youtube insists that the regular app with ads and delays isn't going anywhere, so those of us who don't feel like paying for another subscription service (ehem Apple Music), don't have to!
Although, it would be great to have a non-stop party playlist without the hindrance of all those 15 and twenty second ads.

Would you guys get behind Youtube Red and Youtube Music?

Check out the advertisement above, let me know what you think!
Right!? It's a great thing hahah
ah yes playing in the background!!! im for it
@nicolejb Other than ads, yeah haha
I do that too @ChiefAlphaGoat and I wonder if it鈥檚 legal... haha but I totally can see why YouTube is doing this. they NEED a source of revenue!
I already have it playing in the background..? I haven't paid for anything. I can also download videos for offline use, as to save data and so it won't buffer.
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