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An Otaku's Diary #4
Hello there everyone! This is usa-chan man, aka usa-chan. I would like to start of by saying that I am sick and have been for about a week now. So I'm putting Kaneki as the first picture just because I need some Kaneki right now...
Speaking of Kaneki, I've noticed that there has been a lot of post regarding Tokyo Ghoul. I personally have been a fan of the manga and anime since it started. It's my number one manga of all time. Like no joke. If I could wear the same clothes everyday like Kaneki I will. But sadly, everyone in my school would notice that I don't change clothes. Or I could switch to Uta-san if I wanted too so it wouldn't seem like that...Hmmm....
Okay so I was getting a little off topic there. But not too off, just by a par. Anyways, back to TG. I'm so happy that many of you guys and gals are noticing such an amazing manga/anime! It's great to see other otaku's like me have similar likes. Unless you're a lonely otaku in your school.
I mean, on the internet I feel like that. But in school I literally know only one other otaku, but I only the person in one class. ONE! But, it's still a great feeling to express your likes and dislikes with someone who understands you. Anyways, I have some good news. I will adding a new edition! Woo hoo! So hope you all are ready for this! Yours truly, ~usa-chan man

*Bonus: Do you like Tokyo Ghoul? If so, why?

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