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Okay so I need new kdramas. Like soon they make me happy and I love them.
These are the ones I have watched. Blood Boys over flowers I Am Sam To The Beautiful you Dream High 1&2 Nail Shop Paris
SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I trust you guys to give me dramas that I will enjoy.
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You're beautiful Angel Eyes Fated to love you Heartstrings Heirs Bride of the Century Coffee Prince Goong There are so many good dramas! I watch a lot so I can give you enough recommendations to last a lifetime haha
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@ciachen love masters sun and emergency couple 😍
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I ones that's going on right now "she was pretty" will leave you in tears from laughter. Go watch it and thank me later
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school 2013, Mask, Producer,...
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@NatMarie yeah! both drama are hilarious. is there any comedy-romance drama that you would recommend? hehe
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