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it's soundtrack of life playlist time thanks to @mattk95!!! this playlist theme is ladies week so first up on my list is jimin! I absolutely love Jimin. She's one of the 2 only female biases I have!!! there's no mv for this song so I just picked the performance of it on unpretty rapstar season 1 jimin - puss
while we are on the subject of unpretty rap star I can't forget cheetah. not gonna lie this song gives me chills cheetah- coma
this song makes me want to dance cheetah- number
once again back to my love for jimin..... jimin ft jdon (seunghyub from n flying)- god
silly choa ....this song gets stuck in my head quite often aoa- heart attack
my list wouldnt be the same without a little iu. I just adore her and was happy to see her in producers! IU- waiting
the vets! GG!! Girls Generation- you think
so this isn't a kpop group it's actually a jrock group and they have have been disbanded since 2010 but for any of you anime fans also into kpop they are the group responsible for bleach's theme ichiri no hana.I love makii's voice in this song (female lead in an all guy group still = lady power right? ) high and mighty color- tsumi
once again. high and mighty color with makii still in the group high and mighty color- amazing
@passthesuga I blare it in my car haha @mattk95 thank you for making the challenges they're so fun sharing and seeing everyone else's list @Robertmarsh I'll have to check it out. I saw the teasers. I love iu!
it seriously is an awesome song with a beyond amazing video... love it so much I've already watched it 5 times @heidichiesa
@PassTheSuga me too!!! @heidichiesa great list, absolutely awesome song choices!! I especially love that there is some love for J-Rock here as well ^^ thanks for participating :D
if you would have waited just a little longer you could have added the new IU... I just post it