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They all sang thier hearts out. I could hear every member put thier soul in this song. One of the greatest songs I have heard by Shinee.
These are my two favorite live performances of the song. Listen to it if you haven't already!! Let me know your thoughts on the song! Also comment your favorite Shinee song, I would love to know:)
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@Kiki29 I feel the same way about Onew. His voice is just so unique and powerful. The reason I like Onew and Shinee in general is because I can always tell who is singing which I love
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@JohnEvans At first I couldn't really distinguish Key from Taemin (don't ask lol), but now I can always tell who's who.
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@Kiki29 it's hard for me to do it with other bands like Exo lol
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@JohnEvans I can't do it with groups I don't listen to often or bigger groups. Groups that are five members or smaller I'm usually able to narrow.
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