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Sweet, Sweet Music

Growing up playing violin, I've always loved classical music. Apparently this is not a very cool interest (in school or out of it). And that's a shame because classical music is so divine and perfectly suited to soundtrack all aspects of your life, from the bedroom to the gym (#nerdalert).
Not convinced? Enter: Charlie Siem, British violinist and part-time model (because, of course). One look at this pretty face should peak your interest.
Blue steel + classical music = perfection.

Brb, modeling for his BFF Karl Lagerfeld, amongst others.

So what if he does the same look every time? It's moody and he's a tortured artist.

Look, hipsters, NPR likes him!

As if you needed more reason to become a Vivaldi groupie.

Casually performing a piece he composed (because, of course).

Who doesn't love Czardas?

The Ultimate Test

If you look at this image, will you actually like the Brahms Violin Sonata?

So, did it work? Can you at least tolerate classical music now?

As a classically trained bassist I of course adore classical music. As a heterosexual woman I of course would hump him every day, all day. It's like two slices of the best cake in one!
been a fan of classical forever just need to spend more time with my viola