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Hi ~ this drama airs on Wendesday & Thursday, 7th of march ! Oh no! There are just few episodes left ㅜnㅜ Keep following me everyone see you then ^.^ *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/115392 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GL is kicking off his motocyvle and JJ calls to ML. JJ : Did you find her? ML: No not yet.Then what about GL? To find the object, Just keep in the ground, The directors of civil servant are in the room. They are observing the object. GL's parents are worried about GL because he hasn't answered the phone. GL's mother suspects the place of the safe and his watch. GL's mother : Hey, you make the secret money without knowing me? GL's father : Just take care yourself. In the hotel, SW and DH disguise like husband and wife so SM are envious this relationship. The top director of civil servant orders that all the member get together but some members especially GL disappears ! The top director, GJ gets angry ! GJ: Give it back, your right to commend. So the team members change their role even other directors protest it. At that time, GL comes out. YS : Where are you ? you don't kow that keeping place is really important for us ! GL cannot answer their question so GJ decides to get off this operation. During the scolding, SM takes his side so she is also going to wirte the letter of apology. YS and SM realizes that there is someone who tells the secret to the director of civil servant, GJ. Because the truth that only team members know already enters GJ's ear. So YS helps SM to find the spy. (But we know that the spy is DH) In the car, GL reminds the scene in the parking lot, a few month ago. ML and JJ are talking about their operation and JJ takes care about ML . but ML feels uncomfortable about this. ML: You know, i'm your brother's fiance. SW and DH have a dinner together. SW: The relationship between GL and SW is already finished... we're nothing. DH: I believe you but a few days ago, I know that the reason you denied me is GL. At that time, GL visits SW's room. GL: Hello? He asks a favor that please stay here only tonight ! DH and W are not welcome this anyway SW goes out to do a mission. DH has a complaint... GJ and WS are talking about GL but GJ is surpised that GL is already know the big secret. GJ: How does he know that? It already happened so long time ago. Let me know how he know this. the source ! WS : Okay...i will check it. In SW's home, SW's brother returns home but his parents wonders why he is in home becuase he is in military service. SW's brother : I will back soon my father and mother. SW's parents : .....you don't have to come back here. ML gives a order to the subject that follow the order what I'm saying. In the morning, DH reports the news to the director of CS, GJ. SM is surprised that the spy is DH ! She feels shocked. GL's father calls to GL that you have to take care yourself. Please be careful these days ! After hanging up the phone, GL is finding out JJ. At the same time, JJ and ML's operation starts. The object start to move after his calling. DH and SW are waiting for their operation. When ML hands out the item, Suddenly the unidentified man steals it. Civil servants are following him and ML disappears. Finally SW catches JJ ...fierce gun fighting. At that time, GL arrives with his snowbike. After using an ingenious plan to get the better of the enemy, they take a rest on the ground. GL: i'm uncomfortable when you are with me but ....i feels more difficult when you disappears from me... SW : But we are already done. GL: i'll wait from here..i'm sorry....it was my fault sorry... ML gets a message from JJ. JJ: Hey, ML. After they catch me, they will relax and relieved. I already install the gas system in their car. ...huh just forget this. I loved you. The director GJ steals the succession of this operation so WS feels betrayed about it...but he has no power. SM meets SW. SM: The reason that GL escaped this camp is you..he watched JJ was running to you so whatever the oepration, GL just followed you to protect you. SM enters the room that GJ and DH are there. SM slaps DH's face because she know that DH did many things under the ground. SM: i will slap your face again tomorrow ! SW returns back to GL who said that i will wait here until you get back. Really he is there. Fianlly they meet and run to each other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish ^ .^