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Are you a fan of EXID? I know I mostly talk about boy groups and what not, but I actually love dancing to girl group songs, which means I love watching lives of girl groups perform! EXID has a style I really love (not as much as I love Oh My Girls, haha) so I was really happy to come across these fancams from 151010. Enjoy!!!

Up and Down!

Ah Yeah!

Whoz That Girl

Not as many people know this song/dance, but I think it's great!! Check it out ~^.^~

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@RobertMarsh It's a really good song, I just hadn't really heard it before this! @kpopandkimchi I KNOW!! It's like the entire nation knows that song lol
The fanchants for Up and Down are SO insane, I love it!
I love "Who's That Girl"... the song (and video are epic