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Kim K makes pregnancy look good.

When we think of fashion and pregnancy -- wait, we don't. For those who have been pregnant, there comes a point in time during your journey that you stop dressing for looks and start dressing for comfortability. I totally get it. I've never been pregnant, but I always envisioned myself in sweats and t-shirts my entire pregnancy, but Kim Kardashian gives me hope. This is her second time being pregnant and she slays.
If you've never seen a pregnant woman pull off midi dresses, heels and form fitting pieces -- it's been done. I don't think everyone would be able to pull off Kim K's pregnancy style just because it takes a good amount of confidence, but it can definitely be done. If you're tired of wearing those unattractive maternity jeans and shirts that are five sizes too big, keep scrolling to get a bit of inspiration from the one woman who makes pregnancy look like a fashion show.

I mean, she obviously wears pregnancy extremely well.

Ladies, would you keep things sexy and dress like this while pregnant?