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I never thought i would ever find someone again who could make me smile just by sending me a kiss in a chat box. I never thought i would find someone again whom i would think to message first and smile every time i get a reply. I smile every time i think of you. I never thought i would feel this way again. And i also never thought that person would be someone who knows how much i've been hurt and damaged and still wants to be my friend.
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@MelissaMae Its so hard for guys, especially younger guys to understand the subtlety of conversation with a woman, especially when it comes to the different varieties of 'nothing' being wrong. I struggle with it myself sometimes. Hope the right one comes along soon for you
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@MelissaMae It takes time to heal from any relationship, particularly one that's caused you trauma. You're a strong woman. Allow yourself time to heal, and don't judge yourself so harshly.
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he was the only one that made me feel anything. there is no one for me.
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@MelissaMae I promise you, I have been where you are now a number of times. It's impossible to see a way out, but it is always there. I promise.
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@MelissaMae trust me when I say that I understand. Wholeheartedly. I have struggled with the idea for quite some time. I feel like I was lucky enough to find the one once, but that was taken away from me. So who the hell says I get a second chance? I'm not so sure I do. That being said, it's so so SO important to take time to heal before getting into another relationship. I've read your other cards. I understand what happened - just based on those... and if I understand correctly, it wasn't that long ago, was it? 4 months or so? I know that seems like a long time, but sometimes, it takes a little longer. (It's obviously different for every person!!) It's just going to be a lot harder for you to love someone else - and for him to love you - until you learn how to love yourself again. Trust your heart and take your time. Make yourself the #1 priority. Talk to the people you trust about this. If you have no one to talk to, I would be more than happy. :) I know it seems desperate and over right now, but it isn't, sweetie. I promise it isn't. You Are going to be okay. And at some point, you are going to meet someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated, and then some! Hang in there!!! *Hugs*
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