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So songs like DOPE, Bang Bang Bang, So Dangerous, etc. are super awesome, but I feel like amazing ballad songs don't get enough appropriation~ sometimes you just need those slower beautiful songs to stir up the feelz ^^ So here are a few if my favorite ballad songs!
This Ain't It by Taeyang from BigBang (this one has been my fav recently) <3
Butterfly by BTS (vocal line) (this song isn't officially released yet but my god this is gorgeous and the cords and melody just...<3)
Beautiful by Amber Liu from F(x) (<3 I mean the song is beautiful and the lyrics just...strike home <3)
Home by Roy Kim (his voice is sooo nice and I just love the melody of this!)
Last Leaf by Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE (I actually just discovered this song and the cords in this song are just...omg <3)
At Gwanghwamun by Kyuhyun from Super Junior (omg don't even get me started on this song <333)
there are so many amazing ballad songs out there <3 Do you have a favorite ballad? Share on the comments if you do ^^
I actually like a lot of ballads. I see it like this. Ballads are for the soul while non-ballad tracks are more so for the body.
i agree with you so much!! my friends call me grandma just bc most of the songs I like are the slow ones.
My favorite ballad that I have on repeat everyday is Let Her Go by F.T. Island
@KiKi29 That's a good way of looking at it
@cindystran I love Se7en!! I haven't heard of the other two so I'll have to check them out :D
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